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In May 2002, the U.S. Census Bureau declared the region consisting of Morristown, Jefferson City, White Pine, and portions of Hamblen County and Jefferson County as an urbanized area. An urbanized area is defined as an area with a population of 50,000 or greater, and generally with a population density of approximately 1,000 people per square mile. The LAMTPO urbanized area population, based on the 2010 U.S. Census, is 59,355. Under federal regulations, all places that are designated as an urbanized area must form a Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization. MTPOs were created in order to ensure that existing and future expenditures for transportation projects and programs were based on a comprehensive, cooperative, and continuing (3-C) planning process. Federal funding for transportation projects and programs are channeled through this planning process. LAMTPO and Cleveland, TN (also designated as an urbanized area in 2002) are the two newest MPOs within Tennessee, bringing the total number of MPOs within Tennessee to eleven (11).

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TAC Voting Members

    City Administrator Morristown*
    City Manager Jefferson City*

   Public Works Director White Pine*

    Jefferson County Highway Superintendent*

    Hamblen County Highway Superintendent*

   Bean Station representative

    ETHRA Director*

    ETDD - RPO Coordinator

 TDOT Chief Engineer*

    Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce Transportation Chair*

* denotes "or designee"

 TAC Non-Voting Members

            FHWA representative

            FTA representative

            Railroad representative (Norfolk-Southern)
            Grainger County representative

             Hawkins County representative

            TDOT Multimodal representative

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